Contemporary Art

About The Artist

Laurel Gordon is a self-taught artist born in 1964. She grew up in Chardon, Ohio. Transplanted to Florida, she saw that move as an opportunity to change and overcome the shyness that had held her back though out her early years. Art and music were her greatest form of self expression.  

After breaking free of the mold, the formally rebellious artist has found balance within herself and in her surroundings, settling in Valle Crucis, NC. Though she still creates most of her work to the beat of rock n roll music, but one can still gain a sense of peace and serenity upon viewing her art.   

​After years of experimentation, she has discovered a technique of layering translucent textures and colors to create something that is touchable and truly unique.  Through her art, she wishes to convey the message that each and every one of us can make a difference.